Supplier FAQ

If you’re new to Catergate or looking for a new platform for your business, these answers to some general and frequently asked questions
will help your learn more about the platform, its features and how to help you find catering, event, party, and wedding jobs in Spain.

Profile and Account Settings
What is my Operating Area?

This is the area by region that your business covers, we use this to notify you of event jobs near you.

How do I create a winning profile?

Make sure you add your profile picture, either your logo or a photo, you can upload as a .jpg or .png at a ratio of 1:1 i.e square.

Fill out your service description clearly and concisely, add relevent experience, specializations, years in business etc.

Add clear and colourful images of your work to add visual appeal. You may also add video links if they help showcase your business.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password easily in the bottom of your Account Settings under Password & Security.

How much does it cost to register?

Registration is free. You can register, build a profile page, search and bid on jobs, all at zero cost to you!

Categories and Services
How many categories and services can I add to my profile?

You can add as many categories and services as you like, as an example some large catering companies may offer services that encompass all of the catering catergories, they might also offer rental and decoration services and even venues, other small catering companies may offer less but more specialized services, simply add the services you wish to find jobs in.

You can add extra categories by simply clicking the Add Another Category button in the Account Settings of your Dashboard.

How do I know if I’m eligible to register and join the supplier community?

If you or your business has involvement in the catering and event industry, you are eligible to sign up. The aim of Catergate is to connect businesses and the self employed with clients and party organizers. Though mainly directed at the catering industry, we also want to help connect other services that party and event organizers may be looking for, you may have a small bar that offers private parties, why not sign up!

Whether you’re a self employed chef who specializes in private BBQ’s or a comprehensive catering business with rentals, a planning service and access to venues, there should be something for you.

I offer an event service, but can’t find it within your categories?

Catergate is always on the lookout for new, interesting and trending services, please Contact Us so we can review your requirements, normally we are happy to add in extra catering services.

What’s the best way to write my proposal?

Be as relevent to the event brief as possible. Be clear on what you can provide and what would be included in the price. Be sure to answer any questions that the client has asked in the Client Questions section. Make sure you are honest and are able to provide what you propose.

How do I set my bid amount?

Clients are able to set their maximum budget when they post an event. The price you bid however is still completely up to you. If they don't set a budget, the event will display as open to offers.

Read the requirements of the event, work out the work hours and costs involved add IVA according to your tax bracket and submit your quote.

What if I want to change a bid I made?

Go to the main event page for the job posting and simply cancel your bid, you can then submit a completely new bid and proposal.

Can I see what other caterers and suppliers have bid?

The client is able to mark bidding on their event as private or public.

If they have marked it as public, you will be able to see what other suppliers have quoted.

If the Client has marked bidding as private it will state this event has private bidding.

Should I bid less than other caterers and suppliers to get the job?

No, bid the price you require. Clients don’t necessarily pick a winner based on price, if your profile page is well and honestly filled out, the quality of your work will show, this often counts for more than the quote alone.

What is Cancellation notice?

This is the period of time before the event in which the client has the option to cancel. If they cancel during this period they lose their deposit.


Date of event is 20th October 2022.

Cancellation notice period entered is 10 days.

Client cancels on the 15th October 2022 they lose their deposit and you will still receive the 25% minus Catergate commission.

Client cancels on the 9th October 2022 they obtain a full refund of their deposit.   

Client Details, Payments and Deposits
What should I do if I require a deposit?

Asking for a deposit is fairly standard in the catering industry, we suggest to aid transparency you mention this in your bid proposal, that way the client is aware of your payment expectations.

What happens when I accept an offer?

On acceptance of an offer you will be redirected to our payments page and prompted to pay commission (the running and continued development of a website is expensive:). We recommend you accept or decline the job as soon as you are able. Clients are advised that if they don't hear from you within a certain time period, they should return to their dashboard and choose another caterer.

What happens when I decline an offer?

If you decline an offer, your client will be notified and asked to pick another supplier. If you can no longer provide the service you made a bid and proposal on, we recommend you decline purely out of courtesy to the client.

When do I receive the clients details?

Once you are picked as a winner, you will be notified to accept or decline the job, on acceptance you will be prompted to pay a commission payment, as soon as that is paid both you and your new client will receive each others contact details.

What should I do once I receive my new clients contact details?

Once you receive your clients contact details we recommend you get in touch with them as soon as possible, you may find they contact you first.

Can I get a factura on the commission I paid?

Yes, Login to your Dashboard, click on the Finances tab and go to the Invoice section, here you will be able to view and print all your invoices by event name. Please note we are unable to release deposit payments until all of your tax details have been filled up in your Account Settings.

General Questions
How do I find suitable jobs for me or my catering/event business?

Once you’ve registered, logged in and filled in the details in the Account Settings section of your dashboard, you can search jobs by category and province. Simply view jobs you are interested in and bid accordingly.

Sometimes clients may contact you directly with invitations to bid on an event.

How do I create my account?

If you don’t have an account yet, click the Log In / Sign Up link, choose Register, pick the Event Supplier button, fill out the fields and you’re done.

After you’ve signed up, you will be redirected to your personal dashboard where you can fill out your Account Settings and build a Profile.

Why do I need to fill in my tax details?

Your tax details are important, all transactions need to be processed with a full factura. We are unable to release any deposits until your tax details have been filled in. You are able to download a full factura through the Finances - Invoice section of your Dashboard.

Please note you are responsible for any invoicing between yourself and your client, Catergate bears no responsibility for this.

How do I create my profile page?

Once you’ve registered and logged in you will be redirected to your dashboard. Go to Account Settings in your Dashboard navigation, here you can add a description of your services, choose the event categories you provide, add portfolio images and video links and enter your operating area. Your email, phone number, address and tax details are not displayed publicly.

You can view your profile by clicking View My Profile in the menu.

What areas does Catergate cover?

Catergate operates throughout the whole of Spain, including the Balearic Islands and Canaries Isles. We are currently open to registration to all catering and event suppliers operating in Spain.

How does Catergate aim to bring in events to it’s platform?

We are launching in the Costa del Sol and aim to spread our wings with rigorous and dedicated SEO to become the leading catering and event listing platform in the country.

As a community based resource we want to aid in the growth of both small and large businesses.

We want to help you find event jobs in the work you specialise in.

Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message!