Organizer FAQ

If you’re new to Catergate or looking for caterers or a private chef for your event, these answers to some general and frequently asked questions will help your learn more about the platform and how to find the best suppliers for your party, wedding or event.

Posting an event
Why is the location of my event by province?

Most catering and event suppliers will work throughout an entire province, sometimes two or three, depending on their location. We only need the approximate area of your event venue in order to notify suppliers of events within their operating area. Once your supplier is booked you can message them freely to give exact location details.

Who can see the event I've posted?

Catering companies and event suppliers who search jobs in their areas of operation and category can view your event details and bid accordingly.

What’s the best way to title my event?

Keep it short and simple, it’s often good to add a short description, this will help attract suppliers, they can see clearly what the event is about. e.g ‘Party for my husband’s 40th.’ 

What's the best way to write my event requirements?

Be as descriptive as possible, the more information you add, the more likely you will be to attract suitable suppliers.

Be clear in your expectations. If you are unsure as to the exact thing you are looking for, no problem, give a description of your planned event and ask for suggestions, catering and event suppliers often have tried and tested ideas that you may not have thought of.

What if I have questions for potential suppliers?

Any questions you have for catering and event suppliers can be asked in the Description section of the Post an Event form.

The event or catering I'm planning will last more than one day, how do I add the dates?

If your event is longer than a day, no problem, just add the start date in the Date of Your Event field and make sure you make suppliers aware of how many days you expect your event or catering service to last in the Event Description section, suppliers can then bid accordingly.

I'm not yet sure on the exact number of guests?

Often at the time of booking it’s not easy to know your exact number of guests, you only need to state the approx. numbers you are expecting.  Catering and event suppliers are generally used to this and can add or subtract guest numbers accordingly.

Any changes to the quote can be arranged between yourself and your supplier at a later date.

I'm not sure on how much the service I require would normally cost, do I need to set a budget?

Prices of services can vary greatly according to area, quality and experience. By default your budget is set at zero, if you leave the default as zero it will automatically leave your event open to offers, this way you will get varied bids on your event.

If you have a set amount to spend, add it and see what offers you get within that price.

What is the difference in allowing project bids to be private or public?

If you allow project bids to be public it means suppliers will be able to see each others bid amounts. If you mark no, it means only you will be able to see individual bid amounts and proposals.

Supplier selection
What if I’d like to have a tasting?

Should you feel it's important to have a tasting, please make sure this is clear in the Requirements section of the Post an Event form. Once your caterer has accepted the job, you can arrange a tasting with them.

How will I know if a supplier has bid on my event?

When a supplier bids on your event, you will receive an email notification. You can also Log into your Dashboard and view all proposals in the My Events section.

How do I know if a supplier has placed a quote on my posted event?

You will receive an email anytime a supplier places a proposal on your event (if you don't receive anything for a while please check your spam box). You can view all quotes and proposals made by logging in to and going to the My Events section in your navigation panel, find the event you wish to view and click the View Event and Bids button, at the bottom of the page you can find all the offers made on your event.

You can view all proposals, supplier profiles and accept bids from here.

How do I invite a supplier to view and bid on my event?

Inviting a supplier is easy:

  • Log in to your Dashboard and go to the My Events tab.
  • If you have more than one event posted find the particular event you wish to send an invite for, click Invite Supplier.
  • Start entering the name of the supplier you wish to invite in the top box and select from the dropdown.
  • Write a message and submit. The supplier will receive your message and a link to your event details.

 You can find suppliers by location and category by doing an Event Supplier Search

I've had no responses to the event I posted?

This could be for a number of reasons:

  • The budget you set could be too low, try editing your event, leaving the Event Budget section at zero, this will leave it open to offers.
  • It could be that for some reason suppliers haven't viewed your event, try using the Service Provider Search, find caterers and suppliers you like the look of and invite them to your event through your dashboard.
  • It's possible that there are currently no available suppliers in your area.
What if for some reason my chosen caterer declines the job?

Nothing to worry about, if your supplier doesn't accept your offer, simply login to your Dashboard go to My Events and Bids and withdraw the offer, you can then choose another supplier!

I picked a caterer for my event, but still haven't heard anything back?

Please be patient and wait up to 48hrs, sometimes caterers are extremely busy, but will normally get back to you within this time, on the rare occasion you don't hear anything back, please login to your Dashboard, withdraw your offer and choose another supplier.

Account and dashboard
How do I message my chosen supplier?

Once your catering supplier has accepted your booking, you will both receive emails with the other parties contact details (phone number and email). They will also appear in the Messaging section of your Dashboard, you can freely message and upload files here with real time messaging.

What are the benefits of uploading a profile picture?

Uploading a profile picture puts a face to your event, it is however, completely optional.

How do I change my password?

Navigate to your Dashboard and Account Settings, you can change your password at the bottom of your settings page.

Can I edit an event that I've posted?

Yes, login to your Dashboard, navigate to My Events, find the event posting you wish to change, use the Edit Event button to make the changes you need.

How do I register an account?

It takes less than a minute, click on the Log In / Sign Up in the top menu bar, click the Register tab, Click on the Event Organizer tab, fill in your username, email and password and that's it!

Why do I need to add my address and contact details in my account settings?

Your address is purely optional and is completely private to your account. Your email and phone number are sent via email to your chosen supplier only after he has accepted the job. Your contact details and address are in no way visible by any other users on the site.

Catergate for business
How can catergate help businesses' ?

Catergate can be a valuable tool for many different types of businesses', especially those involved in the events industry, more specifically:

  • Event Venues
  • Event Planners
  • Wedding Venues
  • Wedding Planners
  • Corporate
  • Yacht Hire
  • Catering Companies
  • Production Companies
  • Real Estate
  • Festival Businesses'
  • Music and Entertainment Industries

Catergate makes it easier to find, contract and sub-contract caterers for a whole host of events.


What are the advantages of using Catergate for my event / venue business?

Catergate simply gives you more choice and helps you stay within your company budgets. It also works great as a subcontracting platform, helping you contract the right team for your business.

I am registered as a supplier, I want to post an event, why won't it let me?

In order to post an event you need to create an organizer account with an email address separate from your supplier account.

I haven't received any emails or notifications?

As with many email managers, sometimes our email notifications end up in your spam box, if you can't find any mail in spam, please get in touch with us.

How do I post an event?

Once you've registered as an Event Organizer (takes less than a minute) and Logged in, you will be redirected to your dashboard, simply click on the Post an Event button at the top of the page, fill in the form, submit and you're done! 

Is it normal for a supplier to ask for a deposit?

Yes, this is completely normal especially on larger jobs such as weddings and big events, this is normally to cover any pre event costs incurred by the supplier in the case of a cancellation. With any large deposit it is generally advised to have some form of mutual contract drawn up between parties, many caterers have set contracts already laid out for deposits.

Does it cost anything to post an event?

No, it doesn't cost you a cent, posting an event is absolutely free with no hidden costs.

How long does it take to post an event?

Posting an event takes two to ten minutes, it's quick and straightforward. Once you've posted your event you only need to sit back and wait for quotes and proposals.

You save time searching for catering suppliers and sending enquiries.

Can't find what you're looking for? Send us a message!