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Frequently asked questions

What images can I upload for my profile picture?

Uploaded profile images should be in .jpg or .png format and should be at a ratio of 1:1 i.e square.

You can crop Your profile image if needed with any one of the free online cropping tools available, https://www.caseconverter.online/rectangle-image-crop is free and quick to use.

Please note, it's not necessary to have 1:1 images for your portfolio, only for your profile.

Does it cost anything to register?

Registration is free. You can register, build a profile page, search and bid on jobs, all at zero cost to you!

Can I get a factura on the commission I paid?

Yes, Login to your Dashboard and click on the Invoices tab, here you will be able to view and print all your invoices by event name.

What should I do once I receive my new clients contact details?

Once you receive your clients contact details we recommend you get in touch with them as soon as possible, you may find they contact you first.

How does Catergate aim to bring in events to it’s platform?

We are launching in the Costa del Sol and aim to spread our wings with rigorous and dedicated SEO to become the leading catering and event listing platform in the country.

As a community based resource we want to aid in the growth of both small and large businesses.

We want to help you find event jobs in the work you specialise in.

How our payment system works

Registration and use of our services is 100% free

You only pay a commission of 5% (plus IVA) on a successful winning bid.
On a clients acceptance of your bid you will receive an email. Simply login and pay the commission.
You and the client will receive each others contact details and access to the Catergate live messaging system.

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