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Why People Choose Catergate

Transparent Pricing

Posting an event is 100% free, there are no hidden fees or charges. Catergate allows party organizers to post events and receive varied quotes, as a client you are able to compare prices and choose the caterer or catering supplier that fits your budget, you can set a budget or leave your event open to offers.

Caterers and event suppliers pay a small commission on successfully won events only, meaning they are free to quote, build a profile and search jobs absolutely free.


Catergate is founded and managed by catering and hospitality professionals. We are actively involved in everyday client service. As a platform we understand the logistics of finding and booking the right catering suppliers.

No Hard Sell

As an event platform we do not seek to sell as many services as possible. Our goal is to connect catering services to clients, bringing more choice to party organizers and more choice to catering companies and event suppliers.


Our categories and services have been built around the creation of events both large and small, so whether you're organizing an informal dinner party for six or an extravagent wedding for two hundred our categories have you covered. We constantly strive to find unique services to add to our community of suppliers.


One of the great features of Catergate is our escrow deposit system, both client and supplier can feel safe in the knowledge that a deposit on a booked service is being safely held by a third party. We use a wallet system for extra security.


Catering and event companies in Spain can benefit greatly from the Catergate platform, it makes it easier to find the right local catering and event jobs, helping you build your business. As an online resource you can also use our services to sub contract suppliers, a valuable tool for event and wedding planners. 

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About Us

Catergate was born from a need; for an easy to use resource that can connect event and party organizers with catering and event companies in Spain. Built on the premise that both Spanish residents and visitors needed a platform to find quality, experienced catering and event companies, a system was put together which allowed a secure way to book and pay deposits with more choice and a flexible approach.


Development of the platform required an understanding of catering and event companies. With knowledge of web development and a catering background, the Catergate team came together to create a catering and event resource that could benefit both client and supplier.


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